From Tuesday through to Friday of last week, sell-out audiences witnessed a terrific school production of “The Wizard of Oz”.

As I closed the final performance on Friday night, I was filled with pride at the quality of the performances from the cast and orchestra, and the teamwork of our staff and students, together with the PTA and others in the community to stage such a show. As I said in my closing words, “it takes a good deal of brains, a considerable degree of courage, and a massive amount of heart.”

The contributions of all involved were exceptional. Our young people will have learned an enormous amount through their participation, and they can be assured that they have brought a great deal of pleasure to hundreds of people – my own children included, who were captivated by the show. The number of our students involved was impressive, and perhaps sets John Taylor apart from many other schools. Seeing the two preceding shows (“Bugsy Malone” and “Oliver!”), it is fantastic to see a “production line” of talent as younger students develop their skills and confidence, under the watchful and supportive gaze of staff who give of their time so generously.

School days should be special and memorable. I very much doubt that all those involved in the show, and those who saw it, will forget “The Wizard of Oz” in a hurry. I suspect the DVDs will be snapped up, to help keep those memories fresh.

With a Christmas Concert this coming week, and the annual Carol Service the next, there is certainly no winding down in the run up to the Christmas holidays. I’m very much looking forward to these events too, and hope that many of the readers of my Blog will show their support by coming along. To paraphrase Dorothy, “there’s no place like John Taylor”!

Posted by JTMAT