For my blog this month, I would like to draw attention to the very latest edition of “JT News” – our half termly newsletter – which is a massive document on this occasion.

There are examples throughout of students, individually and collectively, giving generously. Sometimes this will take the form of charity fundraising (for Naama School in Uganda, or for the Teenage Cancer Trust, the Poppy Appeal, our own school minibus appeal), and in this context our young people are inventive and active. We’ve had “Santa’s Grotto”, a staff v Sixth Form football match, cake sales and raffles in this week alone. It is so important that our young people have a sense of civic duty. That may sound perhaps a little lofty or old-fashioned, but through this comes a belief that if we are to make a difference, for our world to be a better place with us on it, that we need to do something tangible that will have impact.

However, in “JT News” you will also find numerous examples where students and staff are giving of their time, their effort, and their energy. This is just as valuable, and just as meaningful. It creates a vibrant and caring school community.

I would urge you to take a look at “JT News”, and I think you will find it an inspiring read. I’m sure you’ll agree it presents our community in a very giving light.

Thanks, as always, for reading – and best wishes for Christmas and New Year.

M Donoghue

Posted by JTMAT