Like the old adage about London buses, readers don’t see a Blog from me in six months, and now they have two within a fortnight!

I wanted to share with you all details about the John Taylor Charitable Trust. The Trustees (myself, parents and members of the PTA) convened last night for our regular meeting. There, I agreed that we needed to promote the positive impact that the Trust has on the John Taylor community with parents and friends of the school – hence my Blog this morning.

Established way back in 1991, the Trust has supported the school through the purchase of minibuses, contributing to building projects, supporting IT needs through providing the funds we need for new hardware, and buying all our Year 7 students reading books. A registered charity, overseen by volunteers, they exist only to help the school, and they are funded exclusively by donations. Over recent years, the number of these donations has fallen dramatically, and it is for this reason that the Trustees and I feel that we need to promote the Trust further. You may have seen a page all about the Trust in our most recent edition of ‘JT News’, for example.

The Trust has its own website ( ), at which you can see some examples of the impact of its work, and several ways that you can donate. Without the generous support of our community, the major contributions that the Trust has made in the past won’t be there in the future.
Thanks for reading.
M Donoghue

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