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185954For my March Blog, I thought I would share with you information from press releases and other sources about our National Teaching School designation:

Blazing the Trail: John Taylor becomes the one of the first National Teaching School in Staffordshire

John Taylor High School is one of 150 schools to be granted National Teaching School status this month – one of only two in Staffordshire.

The awarding of this status by the National College for School Leadership entitles the school, working with a strong alliance of partners, to lead training and professional development for teachers and leaders at all stages in their career. The government hopes that the current total of 350 schools will eventually rise to a total of 500 National Teaching Schools, covering all areas of the country.  Further information about this strategy can be found by following this links:

Case studies on the work of the first teaching schools can be found here:

In a press release, Maggie Farrar (Executive Director at the National College), said: “Teaching schools like John Taylor High School should be proud of their achievement as they need to be at the top of their game to take on this role –  outstanding in their own performance and have a track record of raising standards through school-to-school support.

“These are the schools that are blazing the trail by harnessing the finest teaching talent in the profession to drive school improvement in innovative ways, and bring real benefits to pupils and staff. Trainees can learn from the best teachers in action and those who want to move up the career ladder are exposed to excellent practice within and beyond their immediate school.”

This is a great achievement for the school and its partners who have been working together tirelessly towards achieving this status.  There was a lengthy and rigorous application process, followed by a visit from a school inspector.

National Teaching School status gives us the opportunity to bring world class trainers into the Burton area, work even more closely with partner schools and local universities on training new and experienced teachers, working together in schools, and sharing great ideas on learning.  The school will receive some extra funding to enable our plans to take shape.

We are really excited about what lies ahead!

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